Super Large Lazer Tag Arena

4 to 16 players can play this exhilarating game

Grasp your light phasers and get ready to play Arena Laser Tag in a futuristic environment of mind-boggling mazes shrouded in fantastic swirling fog, darting laser lights and energizing music that will keep you blasting. Our large arena stage is the size of two houses with lighting effects that create an awesome heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping atmosphere. It's like being in a virtual reality video game with real live multiple players!!


At the end of each game, each player gets a computer-generated scorecard that shows his score, hit-to-shot ratio, rank and winning team.

You first enter into Briefing Room where you receive instructions on how to score points and use the equipment. Then on into our giant arena (size of two houses). It's an indoor maze created by walls, barricades and obstacles. Visual effects include glowing black lights and dancing strobe lights. Coupled with energizing music, from 4 to 16 players can play this exhilarating game.

Laser tag is a high tech form of hide-and-go-seek and tag for everyone from ages 5 on up. Players wear a light-weight vest and carry a futuristic phaser to "tag" opponents with a visible light beam. To score, aim your visible, red laser beam at the optical illuminated sensors on your opponents' headsets and tag them. Once tagged, your opponent will be deactivated and cannot tag or be tagged for 3 seconds. Beware, your opponent will be back in the game looking for you! After being hit 3 times the player must return to home base to recharge in order to re-enter the game.

There is no running, physical contact or unsportsmanlike conduct allowed. "Monitors’s" throughout the arena help to maintain the quality and safety of the game and help if you have any questions.

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