Adrenaline Pumping
If you're overcome with the need for speed, then make a beeline for our Go-Kart Tracks, where a paved track challenges you with adrenaline-pumping hairpins, S-bends and straightaways. With TWO types of GO kart tracks we have the fastest fun in town!

Speedway Track

We have two kinds of Fun available on our Speed way track.

F1 Karts: Feel the gravity with these balanced, low to the ground, high speed racing Karts.

Kid Karts: These Karts are great for Kids that are old enough to drive themselves yet safe enough for them to handle.

Two Seater: For those who want company as they wind their way around the track try a Kart for Two. Great for adults with little kids, making Karting fun for all ages!

Sprint Track
Awesome is the only word to describe this adventure. Fast paced with tight turns. Definitely not for the faint of heart!

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